Learn and use, in a secure and autonomous way, all the different self-rescue techniques that can be applied in ravines and gorges.

  • Basic and advanced rescue and self-rescue techniques.
  • Rope progression.
  • Knots.
  • Lifts, rappels, zip lines …
  • Progression with an injured person, both ascent and descent.
  • Self-rescue manoeuvrers with and without auxiliary rope.
  • Special manoeuvrers, auto-blocks, rappels, counterweights.
  • First aid in ravines.
  • Specific first aid kit
  • Etc.
  • Ratio: 1 teacher, 4 students.
  • Duration: 2 days.
  • Requirements: You mustn’t have any kind of medical condition that could hinder your progress during the activity. Knowledge of sport climbing according to the contents of the Canyoning level II course. (Assessment of sports curriculum). Climb itineraries equipped with 4c as lead climber.
  • Place: Andalusian ravines.
  • Material: full neoprene suit, harness, anchor line, helmet, rope. sports shoes with laces or old trekking boots. Sportswear. A change of clothes and shoes. Swimsuit. Light backpack packed lunch (sandwich, energy bars or sweets). Water canteen. Diving goggles.
  • Price: € 130.
  • Dates: specific date to be determined, sometime in April and May.