Learn and put into practice, in a secure and autonomous way, all the different self- and on-wall rescue techniques.

  • Ratio: 1 teacher, 4 students.
  • Duration: 2 days.
  • Requirements: You mustn’t have any kind of medical condition that could hinder your progress during the activity. Knowledge of sport climbing according to the content of the level II course. Climb 4c (V+) itineraries as lead climber.
  • Location: Andalusian climbing schools.
  • Material: helmet, harness, climbing shoes, rope.
  • Price: € 130.
  • Dates: exact date to be determined, sometime in April and May.
  • Belay stations and anchors.
  • Specific materials.
  • Knots.
  • Basic and advanced rescue techniques.
  • Descent techniques for transporting someone that’s wounded.
  • Techniques of ascent of wounded.
  • Ascension techniques.
  • Working with a stretcher.
  • Descents and rappels..
  • Pulleys, hoists and descenders.
  • Decision making.
  • Evacuations.
  • Etc.
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