Know and implement, in a safe and autonomous way, self-rescue and snow rescue techniques.

  • Snow. Its physical properties.
  • The Snowy Mantle.
  • The metamorphosis of the snow mantle.
  • Avalanches and types of avalanches.
  • European Avalanche Risk Scale.
  • Probing by beating and hitting. Snow profile.
  • Avalanche risk assessment test.
  • Surveying practices and avalanche risk assessment.
  • ARVA use and our course of action in an avalanche situation.
  • Mountain Safety: Avalanche rescue, prevention and what to do.
  • Nivology.
  • Use of shovel, probe and ARVA.
  • Victim search in avalanches.
  • Improvisation, rescue techniques in snow.
  • Bivouac construction.
  • Glacial relief.
  • Belay stations and anchors.
  • Knots.
  • Hoists, descenders.
  • First aid in snowy conditions.
  • Mountain first aid kit.
  • Etc.