Acquire the basic mountain progression knowledge, safely and autonomously. Learn the basic descent techniques through untreated snow.

Learn itinerary planning according to morphological and climatological conditions.

esquí de montaña
  • Equipment and materials, handling and maintenance.
  • Winter mountain safety.
  • Snow mantle characteristics, metamorphosis, avalanches and European Risk Scale.
  • Progression technique with skins and blades.
  • Virgin snow descent techniques.


  • Ratio: 1 teacher, 6 students.
  • Duration: 2 days.
  • Requirements: You mustn’t have any kind of medical condition that could hinder your progress during the activity. It is essential to be able to perform parallel turning, you should have C-D skiing level on track (alpine skiing).Knowledge according to content of both courses. (Assessment of sports curriculum).
  • Location: “Sierra Nevada” National Park.
  • Materials: helmet, ice axe, crampons, high mountain boots, leggings and warm waterproof clothing.
  • Price: € 100.
  • Dates: third weekend of the month, from December to April.